SEO help for an Immigration Law Firm in London

SEO case study Immigration law firm in london

The client was a newly established Immigration law firm based in London and had been struggling to attract clients and compete with well-established players in organic search. Despite having a website for over a year, they were grappling with low rankings and a lack of clients.


The firm’s website was plagued with technical SEO issues, poor user experience, and ineffective keyword targeting. Their previous SEO agency had focused solely on increasing vanity metrics like Domain Authority (DA), which ultimately damaged the site’s reputation and ranking potential in Google’s eyes. To make matters worse, the site was hit by a Google algorithm update, causing their already meager traffic to plummet further.


I conducted a thorough SEO audit to identify the site’s technical and core issues. After identifying the problems, I presented my findings to the client to secure the necessary resources to implement the required fixes.

Next, I performed keyword research to find what keywords and topic areas would attract the most qualified leads for the services the firm offered. I created a content strategy to target the identified keywords and topics to provide valuable information for potential clients visiting the firm’s website.

I then optimized the site’s important pages, removed thin or irrelevant content, and implemented user experience enhancements to improve overall engagement and conversion potential.


Within just three months of implementing my SEO strategies, the client’s site started showing signs of recovery. 

  • Organic traffic increased by 1190%
  • Impressions increased by 1900%
  • The surge in traffic has resulted in inquiries from potential clients
Law firm SEO case study

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